Friday, November 29, 2013

How can a loan or an unsecured loan

How can a loan or unsecured loan . How can I do for loans without collateral or a guarantee ? Here are some tips for you to bank approval .

1 . Determine First Bank , of course .
You have to decide which banks will be presented offering unsecured loans . Each bank may differ depending on the demand for credit and the credit limit granted . It is therefore essential that banking requirements . In accordance with your wishes and credit limit .

2 . You have more support if you have a credit card
It will be easier for banks to approve loans without collateral , you might ask , if you already have a credit card . Because the bank can control the extent of your credit history . Also make sure that your credit card bill for the good . Minimum credit card must be at least one year .

3 Prepare the Terms and Conditions
Prepare documents required for loans without collateral applied by banks . The term requirements as a bank loan without collateral standards such as photocopies of your card , copy of credit card , copy of tax identification number , salary slips ( if used ) , or a photocopy of business license ( if a company) . Oh yes , you must have a phone number for the presentation of the unsecured loans . In general , the bank then contact you by telephone to your home .

4 Be sure to come to the bank or online
Go to the bank to ask the purpose of the loan is unsecured loans . Fill in the form and the necessary requirements . By filling out the form , the actual data . Fill Or you can try online loans unsecured loans apply . Currently , many banks offer all the facilities without collateral credit loan presentations over the Internet .

5 Confirmation
When you use an unsecured loan facility online , after entering through an online form that loans unsecured loans should confirm to the bank . The goal is to complete the loan without collateral for the application process .

6 Assessment and Research
Banks warn and control . Interviews can be conducted in person or over the phone . Examined the requirements for filing equipment checks unsecured loans . The bank will then survey for your home or office . Because there is a phone number that you should be in good shape should always be active .

7 Waiting for news
Waiting for good news from the bank . This will tell you whether the planned loan unsecured loans approved . If approved , then you can expect to membayar.Ini is the process of loan application unsecured loans . Want to try ?


  1. If we are looking for the loan but have not any assets as security then unsecured loans is very useful. but it is not easily approved by any government bank. As you said in your blog that if you have a credit card it will be easier for bank to approve. But what about when we have not credit card and any assets, property? Here is the solution that we can easily get the unsecured loans although we do not have any property for assets.

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