Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Two Irelands

The release of the Q3 QNHS from the CSO allows us to update this post.  Here is the clincher.

Numbers Employed

The halves of the Irish economy continued in an apparent happy co-existence until the middle of 2007.  Since then the performance could not be more different.  One has survived the current crisis relatively unscathed in terms of numbers employed.  The other has shed nearly 300,000 jobs.

The employment gap between these halves of the Irish economy was just 26,100 in Q1 2008.  By Q3 2010 this gap was 309,700.  The Irish economy has seen employment fall by almost 300,000 and 98% has been seen in just one half of the economy.

Here we present a breakdown of the sectors that form this halves of the Irish economy.  Data from the Earnings, Hours and Labour Costs Survey released today by the CSO is also presented.

Two Irish Economies

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